Book: Grain and Noise

Artists and synthetic biologists throughout Europe were brought together in a residence program that spanned four truly cross-disciplinary collaborations. The contributors to this book share their reflections of the dynamic frictions that occurred when their artistic and scientific worlds met. These stories, where chemistry labs, tobacco plants, genetically edited bacteria, and new-to-nature enzymes collide with music, photography, film, and visual arts, infuses the ongoing dialogue between art and sciences with grain, noise, and synergies.

Carbon Futures at the Science Gallery Detroit

Carbon Futures is an explorative installation that provides a glimpse into four Carbon Capture strategies, including using bacteria to remake waste CO2 into aviation fuel or pumping CO2 into underground caverns. Carbon Futures gives insight into the complexities surrounding climate change mitigation strategies, and it offers a glimpse of potentially more sustainable practices. The interacting exhibition is part of the “Future Present: Design in Times of Urgency” show (11.9. to 11.12.2020).

BIO·FICTION Science Art Film Festival 2019

The topic of the upcoming BIO·FICTION 2019 will be „FUTURE BODY“. We’re looking for films that explore how  neurotechnologies could alter humans and human interaction. We ask how invasive and non-invasive neurotechnologies, brain-computer-interfaces, wearables, and transplants will re-shape the bodies of the future.

Plant Designer at London Design Festival 2018 

Designing plants is no longer a utopian fantasy.  The exhibition “Plant Designer“ introduces the aims, goals, and cutting-edge technologies to allow tobacco plants to produce substances that are, in fact, healthy for you. Join us at the London Design Festival’s Biodesign Here Now show, Talk to our scientists, share your plant design ideas, and learn how plants can be designed to become bio-factories.

Enabling artist-in-residencies (since 2011)

Initiating and supporting artist-in-residency in biotechnological laboratories. Artists involved were e.g. Sonja Bäumel, Herwig Weiser, Orkan Telhan, Sarah Craske and Eduardo Miranda. Scientists opening their labs were Eva Sinner, Uwe Sleytr, Steen Rasmussen, Ralf Wagner and Sven Panke

Possible Tomorrows (2016)bildschirmfoto-2016-09-22-um-15-17-52

Producer and curator of the design exhibition „Possible Tomorrows“ that introduced a selection of experimental and technical design applications hatched from the fields of biotechnology and synthetic biology. Part oft he Vienna Design Week 30.0.-9.10.2016


biomassterplanPresented BIOMAS(S)TERPLAN (with Günter Seyfried and Birgit Schmidt) at the „Prototype Nature“ exhibition in Essen, Germany, December 2015-January 2016. (

Making Life (2014-2015)Zeitgeber-2

Speaker and participant at the Making Life – Art and Synthetic Biology seminar and workshop series. Part of the art group (Andy Gracie, Stephen Fortune, Markus Schmidt, Georg Tremmel) who produced the Interstellar Zeitgeber.

BIO·FICTION on Tour (2014/15)

The BIO·FICTION film festival is on tour around the world, visiting: Austria, Australia, Finnland, Germany, India, Ireland, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Taiwan, Ukraine, USA etc. More… 

BIO·FICTION Science Art Film Festival (2014)

 BIO·FICTION is the international Synthetic Biology Science, Art and Film Festival series.The Second BIO·FICTION Festival took place from 23 – 25 October, 2014. It featured short films on any aspect of synthetic biology, including documentary films, animation, and (science) fiction. The festival hosted three art groups: Centre for Post-Natural History (Richard Pell), Hare’s Blood+ (Klaus Spiess and Lucie Strecker) and Lucid Phantom Messenger 2 (Herwig Weiser). More…

Pavillon 35 (since 2012)

The projects of Pavillon 35 spring up from a close and interdisciplinary collaboration between artists and scientists, in the fields of fine art and molecular biology. The collaboration involves research into concepts of art,  philosophy and biology and the development of works of art. With the help of all project partners Pavillon 35 supports artists and scientists to concretize and realize projects in the tense field of art and molecular biology. More…

Synth-ethic Exhibition (2011)

Producer of the art exhibition ‘Synt-ethic’ in the Museum of Natural History, which presented biotech art objects related to synthetic biology (curator: Jens Hauser). The exhibition featured 10 international artist (groups):  Paul Vanouse, Art Orienté objet, Joe Davis and the Tissue Culture and Art Project, Adam Brown and Robert Root-Bernstein, Roman Kirschner, James Tour & Stephanie Chanteau, Andy Gracie and Rachel Armstrong. More..

Bio:fiction Film Festival (2011)

The Bio-Fiction Festival about synthetic biology will take place at the Museum of Natural History in Vienna from May 13-14, 2011. Being the first of its kind, the Science, Art and Filmfestival BIO:FICTION will be a 2 day festival with an exciting program involving interactive science talks, and of course the presentation and award ceremony of the best short films about synthetic biology. More…

SymbioticA Workshop (2009)

Participant at the SymbioticA Biotech Art Workshop “Biological life, art and design innovation“ at RMIT Melbourne, Australia