Synth-ethic Exhibition (2011)

The Bio:Fiction Festival is also the start of the art exhibition ‘Synth-ethic’ in the Museum of Natural History, which presents biotech art objects related to synthetic biology. Art can be seen as a medium for science communication but also as a way to  show new possibilities and visions that new technologies could  offer for the future. The exhibition will feature 10 bio-artist. More..

Bio-fiction Film Festival (2011+2014)

The Bio-Fiction Festival about synthetic biology will take place at the Museum of Natural History in Vienna from May 13-14, 2011. Being the first of its kind, the Science, Art and Filmfestival Bio-Fiction will be a 2 day festival with an exciting program involving interactive science talks, and of course the presentation and award ceremony of the best short films about synthetic biology. More…

Pavillon 35 (since 2012)

The projects of Pavillon 35 spring up from a close and interdisciplinary collaboration between artists and scientists, in the fields of fine art and molecular biology. The collaboration involves research into concepts of art,  philosophy and biology and the development of works of art. With the help of all project partners Pavillon 35 supports artists and scientists to concretize and realize projects in the tense field of art and molecular biology. More…